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How to choose the right yoga mat

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  Yoga mat purchase should pay attention to the following points: The length should not be shorter than height, the width can not be narrower than the shoulder width.
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  Thickness of about 6mm, too thin cushion in the joints touch the ground will feel pain, too thick will affect the stability of standing action. (Generally speaking beginners choose 7MM yoga mat more modest)
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  Observe the elasticity of the yoga mat. Squeeze the yoga mat by hand, such as feeling two fingers can easily pinch together to prove that the yoga mat is too soft, so thick even if the yoga mat, knee joint touch as the ground will be painful. If the yoga mat is not good too hard, our fragile skin unacceptable, and easy to break, not easy to accommodate. Be sure to choose a good, soft and hard yoga mat to match your practice.
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  Yoga mat uniformity. The yoga mat will be tiled to observe the uniformity of its foaming, uneven foam surface, it is easy to damage during use. If the foam bulge partially damaged, it can not be repaired.
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  Moderate weight. Because yoga mat often we need to carry, so try not to choose too heavy mat, so easy to carry.
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  Non-slip mat surface, the mat tiled with a strong hand press the mat and then pushed forward, if the mat sliding on the ground or hand sliding on the mat surface, the mat slippery is not very good. There may be unnecessary harm during practice, such cushions should be used with caution.

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