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PU natural rubber yoga mat use and maintenance methods

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  PU natural rubber pad is a high quality natural rubber selected from the rainforest. At first it will have some natural rubber taste, but it will be safe to use as it slowly dissipates.
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  For the first time use the proposed water scrub and tiled in the shade, ventilation, dry, contribute to the natural dispersion of the new rubber smell.
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  Use and maintenance:
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  ①Because the cushion is delicate, it should not be folded or rewound during storage (it must be glossy outward), otherwise it will be difficult to restore creases.
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  ② super absorbent pad also absorbent, to extend the mat life and beauty, before use to be clean hands, remove cosmetics or skin care products, so as not to grease the pad body, so that the pad surface can not be cleaned of oil stains.
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  ③ It is recommended to use a pot of water, wet with a soft towel, squeeze excess water, wipe, and then tiled to dry. Do not soak in order to avoid residual liquid in the yoga mat surface. After cleaning or use, please put in the ventilated shade tiled natural dry, do not exposure!

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