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When shopping mats to pay attention to what matters?

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  The choice of yoga mat to be targeted, the general practice of yoga practitioners, the choice of a thicker cushion, such as 6mm thick, the domestic size of 173X61; have a certain basis can choose the thickness of about 3.5mm ~ 5mm; 1300g or more cushion (because some manufacturers of cushions for cheap and steal material).
  Now most of the classrooms will provide so-called "public mats", which are common yoga mats used by all of you in class. Some teachers even lay a protective mat in the classroom, and everyone does not have to use the mat in class anymore. Most of the students will use this kind of pad because they do not want to go to work with pad and run in class. However, if you are interested in learning friends for a period of time, it is best to use your own mat, on the one hand you can clean, more hygienic; also be able to pick a suitable personal mat.
  No more than two ways to choose mats: according to individual needs to choose; or selected by material.
  Depending on the individual's needs, this depends on the form of yoga, since the needs of different schools of yoga and learning are not the same. If you learn to practice soft-based yoga, most of the time is sitting on the mat, then the mat thicker, softer, sitting more comfortable.
  However, if the learning yoga is based on the bouncing Power Yoga or Ashtanga Yoga, the cushion should not only be too hard, but also require more slipperyness. why? Because the mat is too soft, doing a lot of actions on top of it can be very bad (especially in the balance of trees, etc.). And this will be a lot of sweating yoga moves, if there is no better degree of slippery mat, skidding occurs.
  If the action is not so static, nor flow as much sweat as running, is between the two, which kind of mat should be better? The answer is "still thinner." Because there is a car with a soft suspension system, a thick cushion (5mm or more) loses the feeling of contact with the ground like a boat on a mountain road. There is a feeling of "distortion" for many actions. Abroad, the vast majority of yoga practitioners love to use a thin cushion, is the truth. If you think of a thin cushion in the knees to do some kneeling, it touches on the knee under the towel bar.

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